Showcase of an Attendance Tracking Power App

It has been about a year since I posted a blog on new functionality introduced natively to display highly optimised thumbnail renditions / images of photos and / or documents stored in SharePoint Document Libraries leveraging a SharePoint data source connection within Power Apps.

Seemingly however there is still a misnomer amongst some App Makers in the community that the native functionality to display images of files stored in SharePoint within Power Apps, in particular when running apps on mobile devices, has as yet not been implemented.

The intent behind this follow-up blog is to dispel that myth by showcasing by way of example what type of apps can be created with sublime performance rendering high quality and significant optimized thumbnail images.

First let’s look at the demo of a super awesome Attendance Tracking Power App I have been working on.

Naturally for many App Makers the question no doubt arises with regards to just how effecient thumbnail images depicted in the app showcased in this blog are. The size of the photos displayed in the demo as are stored in SharePoint range from between 60 KB to 20 MB.

All of the photos rendered in the app were equally uploaded to SharePoint from the app, inclusive of a number of photos that are between 10 MB to 20 MB in size. The demo showcases the sublime performance in rendering any photo within the app regardless of size.

By way of example the thumbnail images of a 20 MB photo stored in SharePoint are rendered within the app, as per the following screenshots taken with the Chrome Devtools debug window open monitoring network activity as the thumbails images are rendered within the app.

Attendance Tracking App Gallery Thumbnail Renditions
Gallery with ultra-optimized thumbnail renditions of users’ photos
Typical size of thumbnail rendition:
2.5 KB – 3.5 KB / 96px x 96px
Attendance Tracking App Enhanced Thumbnail Renditions of User
Enhanced thumbnail rendition of a specific user
Typical size of thumbnail rendition:
65 KB – 75 KB / 800px x 800px

Ultra High Quality Rendition of User Photo
Typical size:
370 KB – 390 KB / 1709px  ×  2560px
Ultra High Quality Rendition of User Photo
[Zoomed in Brower]
370 KB – 390 KB / 1709px  ×  2560px

Actual Size of Photo as stored in SharePoint
Typical size of original photos 60 KB to 20 MB

Wrapping up

By all means contact me should you require assistance with any of your own requirements or alternatively should you be interested in further exploring the Attendance Tracking Power App showcased in this blog.