Dataverse virtual connector provider for SQL Server. Awesome?

I am genuinely excited at some of the opportunities in creating solutions that could potentially leverage the new Dataverse virtual connector provider functionality / features being released. For that reason I’ve spent a substantial amount of effort evaluating this feature and documenting my own learnings by way of this blog as I believe other people equally interested may find at least some of my insight shared extremely useful for them.

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Viewing Word, PowerPoint & HTML files stored in SharePoint in Power Apps

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could view Word, PowerPoint & HTML files stored in SharePoint in your Power Apps in the PDF Viewer control with nothing more than a single expression / formula on the Document property of the control. One line of code, no Power Automate flow 😊. That’s it.

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Alternate techniques to view all types of documents stored in SharePoint Document Libraries within PowerApps

In this blog four alternate techniques are outlined that enable App Makers to render the practically any type of document stored in SharePoint Document Libraries in PowerApps

1. Actual PDF documents ( Basic Flow )
2. Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, HTML files (and numerous other document types) converted to PDF documents on-the-fly
3. Thumbnail images of the documents generated on-the-fly
4. Actual PDF documents
( Advanced Flow with Graph APIs )

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PowerApps & SharePoint – The Ultimate User Experience – Dynamic Data Sources – Graph – Power Automate

This blog demonstrates how App Makers can consume content from SharePoint using dynamic data sources leveraging the Graph v2 APIs with Power Automate flows within their Power Apps. The general highly reusable concepts can equally enable countless other Power App use cases.

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PowerApps demo with an in-app feedback module & much more – Part 2

This blog series showcases, by way of example, an approach to solicit feedback from users of your PowerApps, such as bugs, questions and general guidance etc.

Most bespoke developed apps don’t provide any capabilities with regards to performing certain functions for which the purpose of the app was subsequently designed and developed for.

Equally it is rare to find a custom developed app wherein the scope includes implementing a feedback-type feature such that the same capability could perhaps be utilized to solicit suggestions wrt how the app could possibly be enriched and thus enabling broadening adoption of all your apps for that matter that leverage the technique demonstrated in the demo video showcased in this blog.

I’d like to believe this latest blog post takes PowerApps to a whole new level and gets you excited about what you too can possibly do with it.

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PowerApps demo with an in-app user feedback module – Part 1

Demo app created in PowerApps with a mechanism for users to share feedback within the app such as bugs, suggestions, data change requests, improvements etc.

The home screen in the demo app also displays random rotating photos from a backend SharePoint Document Library where the photos depicted in the app have been uploaded.

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Displaying high quality photos in PowerApps leveraging the SharePoint Graph APIs

Displaying images / photos stored in SharePoint with PowerApps historically has proved challenging for many frustrated App Makers. The Graph v2 APIs to the rescue…

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SharePoint RenderListDataAsStream: PowerApps and Power Automate Showcase

The source code for the demo apps showcased in my previous blog, SharePoint Images Powered Up In PowerApps, has been shared on GitHub. For further details wrt this, read more!

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SharePoint Images Powered Up In PowerApps

This blog post articulates and demonstrates how App Makers can render photos stored in SharePoint Document Libraries leveraging the RenderListDataAsStream REST API within PowerApps.

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