Viewing Word, PowerPoint & HTML files stored in SharePoint in Power Apps

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could view Word, PowerPoint & HTML files stored in SharePoint in your Power Apps in the PDF Viewer control with nothing more than a single expression / formula on the Document property of the control. One line of code, no Power Automate flow 😊. That’s it.

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Alternate techniques to view all types of documents stored in SharePoint Document Libraries within PowerApps

In this blog four alternate techniques are outlined that enable App Makers to render the practically any type of document stored in SharePoint Document Libraries in PowerApps

1. Actual PDF documents ( Basic Flow )
2. Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, HTML files (and numerous other document types) converted to PDF documents on-the-fly
3. Thumbnail images of the documents generated on-the-fly
4. Actual PDF documents
( Advanced Flow with Graph APIs )

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PowerApps & SharePoint – The Ultimate User Experience – Dynamic Data Sources – Graph – Power Automate

This blog demonstrates how App Makers can consume content from SharePoint using dynamic data sources leveraging the Graph v2 APIs with Power Automate flows within their Power Apps. The general highly reusable concepts can equally enable countless other Power App use cases.

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