Power Apps & SharePoint Demo with EXIF Image Metadata Extraction

In this latest updated demo of this really awesome app I created using PowerApps, I showcase how I am able to extract EXIF metadata data properties including the Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Address, Basic Tags (outdoor / indoor / person), ThumbnailUrl, Camera Make, Model, blah, blah, blah all within a single Power Automate flow containing less than 20 steps in total, 10 of which are simply initializing and setting variables, with paging comes to a whooping 45 seconds on averages per 5000 photos processed from a SharePoint Site Assets Library containing over R10k of photos. About 25% of which are photos between 4MB and 20MB.

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Displaying numeric fields as Currency in PowerApps

I recently had a requirement to customize a SharePoint list using PowerApps that include 50+ fields defined as Currency fields in SharePoint (300+ fields in total – must be some kind of record 🤣).

As PowerApps for now at least doesn’t enable input mask fields such as currencies I searched the web looking for how others had implemented various workarounds for this requirement.

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PowerApps demo with an in-app feedback module & much more – Part 2

This blog series showcases, by way of example, an approach to solicit feedback from users of your PowerApps, such as bugs, questions and general guidance etc.

Most bespoke developed apps don’t provide any capabilities with regards to performing certain functions for which the purpose of the app was subsequently designed and developed for.

Equally it is rare to find a custom developed app wherein the scope includes implementing a feedback-type feature such that the same capability could perhaps be utilized to solicit suggestions wrt how the app could possibly be enriched and thus enabling broadening adoption of all your apps for that matter that leverage the technique demonstrated in the demo video showcased in this blog.

I’d like to believe this latest blog post takes #PowerApps to a whole new level and gets you excited about what you too can possibly do with it.

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PowerApps: Alternate techniques to view documents

In this demo, 3 alternate technique are depicted to render the same documents stored in SharePoint within a PowerApps app.

1. Actual PDF documents
2. Word documents converted to PDF on-the-fly
3. Thumbnail images of the documents equally generated on-the-fly

Which technique would you use? ?

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Bookings & Campaign Mailer Demo

The app showcased in this blog demonstrates how a Booking system can be implemented leveraging PowerApps and the broader Office 365 ecosystem, including Microsoft Flow, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Word, dynamic on-the-fly conversion of documents to PDFs as well as various other techniques and patterns I have blogged on in recent times.

The base Booking system app was further enhanced to provide users with the ability to send out email campaigns to previous customers who had embarked on a cruise with them before.

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