PowerApps Showcase: Bookings System & Campaign Word-PDF Mail-Merge

The app showcased in this blog demonstrates how a Booking System can be implemented leveraging PowerApps and the broader Office 365 ecosystem, including Power Automate flows, SharePoint, a Microsoft Word template, dynamic on-the-fly conversion of documents to PDFs as well as various other techniques and patterns I have blogged on in recent times.

The base Booking System app was further enhanced to provide users with the ability to send out email campaigns to previous customers who had embarked on a cruise with them before.

In contrast with many previous blogs I have posted on this website, for this particular post I wanted to keep the blog relatively short and let the demo speak for itself, albeit that I have not as yet mastered the art of narrating my demos.

Booking System & Campaign Mailer Demo App

Just about every technique, pattern and/or workaround I have gone into great detail in describing in earlier blogs I have posted in the past six months or so was in some way or form incorporated within this showcase app to enable specific functionality that would otherwise not have been possibly leveraging solely the current out-of-box feature set available natively within many of the enabling technologies in Office 365 that pulled all this cool functionality demonstrated in this app together.

Equally however as I have already articulated the most complex of those techniques and workarounds in my earlier blogs, the intent of this particular post at least is to showcase by way of example what is in fact possible when you are able to conceptualize how you would like your final solution to look. Natutally of course in turn, fulfill your technical and functional requirements, overcome challenges you will typical encounter in an app of this complexity, and most importantly actually implement a solution such as this one on time and within budget inclusive of a great user experience.

It does nonetheless differentiates the type of solutions many other individuals and organizations talk about in terms of what is possible, but cannot genuinely speak to what they themselves have done, and how that can improve the way their organization operates.

Perhaps more importantly in sharing solutions I myself have done, in my opinion at least sharing such insights helps bridge the gap between generally heavily technical minded IT geeks and the not-so technical minded wannabe App Makers, who often simply need guidance to get them started, such that they can thereafter maintain apps such as this one themselves, and equally become actual App Makers themselves.

By all means reach out to me should your own organization have requirements for solutions such as this one, however do not know where to start. I can help!