13 thoughts on “Extracting EXIF metadata from SharePoint using Power Automate”

  1. Hi,
    I created a site assets library, I uploaded some pictures that I know have GPS data. I then downloaded your Flow and imported it to my account. I ran it giving the parameters expected. I see when it runs that it scans those files but it will not give me GPS data.

    Is there something I’m missing?

    1. Hi Patricio,
      There is a space in each of the Expressions after item()?[‘MetaInfo.’], in the ‘Select – Fields to Return’ actions. This occurs multiple times in each of the GPS expressions
      Removing this will resolve your issue as I had experienced the same.

      1. In a subsequently blog (or two!), I significantly cleaned up and improved the flow, and equally articulated an alternate technique using the SharePoint Graph V2 APIs to accomplish pretty much the same thing. I’d recommend checking out the now updated and greatly simplified version of the PowerApp and flow. The PowerApp is primarily to showcase how the flow could be consumed in an app, however the app is equally not required.

  2. Great thanks for this post.
    I used your referenced flow as a basis for mine which runs on a schedule on a Global Asset Image library. No PowerApp needed.
    It extracts the relevant Geo location data out of the images and updates each file in the library with the relevant data.
    I used an EXIF processed flag to filter images to be processed and then set this flag.
    In your attached flow there was an issue where there are space characters in the split logic that I had to remove to get working in each of the “Select – Fields to Return” Mapping expressions.
    i.e. split(item()?[‘MetaInfo.’], ‘”latitude”‘)),’,’) has a space after Info.’],
    Took a while to find that throughout the strings 🙂
    Thanks again.

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